Once upon a time …


In 1975 Mandi Schneeberger opened meanwhile the oldest and legendary beerpub in Salzburg.

In October 2015 (after 40 years) Mandi Schneeberger decided to go in retirement. After this I asked myself a very important question – who will adopt this beerpub?

Because of my big friendship and the funny times in this pub I, Jürgen Wallner, decided to accept the challenge. So I started my life as a landlord on the first of November 2015.

Because of the unique “original Ischlerbahn” train sets, which give the pub a special atmosphere of the last century, we only changed little things in the pub.

Be always up to date with soccer, ice hockey or any other sports thanks to our partner Sky and DAZN.

Darts is one of our passions … our team, called the “GIANTS“ knows how to impress our younger and even our elder guests. Sometimes it ends with a thrilling duel.

Our jukebox can play 3000 different songs of the fifties, the sixties, the seventies and typical Austrian songs. This variety of music makes every night to a perfect and funny night. So sorry, but our jukebox can’t play any song of Justin Biber.

Jürgen und Ramona

Go! and visit us in the oldest beerpub in Salzburg!


“Mirjam´s Pub” – the oldest beerpub in Salzburg – district Schallmoos/Salzburg!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us – please contact us at the phone number +43 662 873962 or send us your request!